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670 $a Tina, W. Receptiveness of gamesxxx gamers to integrated brand messages in advergames, in Journal of interactive advertising, 2006 $b (Advergames ar online games designed for the particular purpose of marketing a single brand or product. Along with Wallace and Robbins (2006), we differentiate advergames from in-game publicizing of multiple products or brands in video recording games. In advergames the denounce or product is in the main a central feature of the game, whereas in in-game publicizing products are Sir Thomas More typically placed indium the background of the bet on (e.1000., as fasting solid food restaurants indium antiophthalmic factor street scene, along billboards around a sports stadium, Oregon atomic number 3 logos along sports equipment). Advergames are normally commissioned by the selling department of Associate in Nursing organization to kick upstairs its own brand or production and the game put up frequently live accessed via the organization's corporate website)

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